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I look forward to keeping your spinal bones from getting on your nerves.
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How I work with you

Though you are coming in with a condition that is unique, what you have in common with everyone that comes in is that you have a spine.  The spinal column, made up of 24 individual bones stacked on top of one another is meant to move while protecting the nerves that come from between the bones.  It is the brain sending messages through the nerves that control the body functions.

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To help me to help you begins with the paper work.  There is important information about you that is needed before I can begin care.  I tried to make it convenient by having the forms online that you can print and fill out in the comfort and leisure of your home. If there is something you don’t understand leave it blank and I will review it with you on your visit.

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A chiropractic Adjustment is a specific and gentle pressure applied in a precise direction helping with joint alignment and movement.  Bones in the spine that become out of alignment and do not move properly irritate and choke the surrounding delicate nerve which can be the cause of pain and other symptoms or can be unnoticed depending on the amount of irritation.

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